Easy State Aid - state aid advisory

structural funds

In projects co-financed from Structural Funds rules regarding incentive effect or durability of operations and State aid regulations must be fully respected

In cases where these issues have not been properly addressed at early stage, there is a significant risk for the successful completion of projects

In this field:

  • at a stage when Operational Programs are drafted we indicate which objectives will entail State aid
  • we prepare aid schemes for objectives within the framework of Operational Programs
  • we represent our Clients in proceedings concerning notification to the Commission of aid schemes and individual aid
  • we provide in-depth analysis on existence and compatibility of aid at a stage of preparation of feasibility studies of projects
  • we advise beneficiaries on proper drafting of request for confirmation of assistance
  • we analyze whether certain modifications in the project may infringe durability of operation requirement
  • we verify SME status of the beneficiary

Our experience includes:

  • cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in drafting of regulations (aid schemes) concerning State aid in Regional Operational Programs
  • representation of the Polish authorities and beneficiaries in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Commission
  • advisory on projects concerning municipal economy and environmental protection, i.e. construction of sewage treatment plants, construction of heat networks and construction of incineration plants
  • advisory services for major cities in Poland concerning construction of transport infrastructure and acquisition of busses, trams and rolling stock co-financed from the European Funds
  • advisory on financing of museum and fair infrastructure as well as sports complexes, i.e. stadiums and sport halls
  • advisory on proceedings concerning request for confirmation of assistance