Easy State Aid - state aid advisory

rescue and restructuring

Entrepreneurs in difficult economic situation cannot be granted most types of aid, i.e. block exempted aid

It is however possible to grant them rescue and restructuring aid

Rescue aid is of immediate character and enables functioning of the beneficiary for the period required to prepare a restructuring plan

Restructuring aid envisaged in such plan should aim at restoring long-term viability of the beneficiary

The European Commission considers such aid to have the most distortive impact on competition. Therefore, the Commission carries out detailed analysis of its compatibility

We provide services concerning:

  • analysis whether conditions of „a firm in difficulty” are met
  • preliminary identification of difficulties and their causes
  • notification of rescue aid
  • preparation of restructuring plan including State aid, contribution from own resources and compensatory measures
  • notification of restructuring aid
  • representation of our Clients before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Commission

We advised on a number of proceedings concerning restructuring where approval of the Commission for granting of aid was required. These proceedings included:

  • shipbuilding industry
  • iron and steel industry
  • mining sector
  • transport
  • aviation