Easy State Aid - state aid advisory

notifications to the EC

As a rule, granting of aid requires previous approval of the European Commission. Aid granted without such approval is illegal

We represent our Clients in proceedings concerning notification of aid before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Commission



Our experience in this field includes:

  • Advisory on three proceedings concerning notification of aid for large transport infrastructure concluded with the Commission’s decisions declaring aid compatible with the internal market
  • Advisory on proceeding concerning pre-notification and notification of aid for the construction of transmission power grid where the Commission declared aid compatible
  • Preparation of the concept of granting State aid for revitalization in the form of loans, guarantees and capital injections: drafting of aid scheme which was notified to the Commission, participation in meetings with the European Commission, managing authorities and the Holding Fund (European Investment Bank)
  • Advisory on two notification procedures concerning aid for the construction of motorways
  • Participation in proceeding concerning notification of investment aid for regional airport
  • Advisory during pre-notification and notification concerning set-up of regional risk capital funds within JEREMIE Initiative